Initial Meeting With Funeral Home – Guide

Smith Family Funeral Home understands that when someone you love passes away it can be a very difficult and potentially confusing time for you and your family. Often times, people don’t always know “what to do” when a death occurs. While we hope you choose Smith Family Funeral Home in your time of need, we have created a helpful guide that you can use with any funeral home to help with funeral preparations.


Initial Meeting with the Funeral Home

In most cases, within the first 24 hours of your loved ones death, you will need to meet with a funeral home to start preparing funeral arrangements. During this difficult time for you and family, the funeral home staff’s main goal will be to provide support and make this challenging time a bit easier. The funeral director that you meet with will guide you in making funeral preparation decisions. Before your meeting with the funeral director, it may be helpful to think about the following:

  • Would you like someone to go with you?
    • Often times bringing a family member or close friend to join you in your first visit to the funeral home for moral support can be make the process easier.
  • Who is responsible for making the decisions? It’s important to know who is legally responsible for making the funeral arrangement decisions.
    • Is there a written document such as a Will or Designated Agent?
  • Should others be included in making the arrangements?
    • It may be important to include children, friends, or other family members who would like to be part of arranging the funeral or contribute to the cost of the funeral.
    • Assisting or giving input in the final funeral arrangements can be empowering and also help people come to terms with the loss.
  • Legal documents that you may needNotary pen lying on testament.
    • Deceased’s Birth Certificate
    • Deceased’s Marriage Certificate
    • Deceased’s Military Discharge Papers
    • Deceased’s Funeral pre-arrangement documents
    • Last Will and Testament
    • Revocable Living Trust


If you have any further questions about anything in this guide or anything about funerals in general, please contact Smith Family Funeral Home (810) 985-4351.

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